Wilderness Expeditions & Overnight Courses

transformative Group experiences

Overnight Courses and Expeditions are impactful ways to support the evolution of individuals and to create cohesive and empowered groups. In collaboration with adult support networks, highly skilled Instructors work to understand the needs and characteristics of each group and the individuals within it. This information is then used to carefully customize each course experience. Using increasingly challenging experiences, courses are co-created providing soul-healing fun and intensely memorable experiences! 

Expeditions can take place in remote wilderness settings but can be also be designed closer to home. Opportunities range from introductory overnight courses in local state parks up to multi-day backcountry backpacking and canoeing expeditions and everything in between. Each of these intentionally designed experiences provides opportunities to summit mountains, sleep in tents or under tarps, to cook meals around a campfire, to hike, canoe, carve spoons, build fires, connect, relax, play and so much more. Expeditions have been described as a journey or right of passage as they provide such a potent way to gain an Outside Perspective on life!

Courses will push students, often allowing them to experience themselves as capable and powerful people. With a confidence boost, most students return home with a strengthened and supportive peer group, more resilience for life's challenges, and often a new found love of the outdoors!