Team Building Courses

For bringing Groups Closer Together

Outside Perspectives' customized team building courses will take place in the available open spaces local to each group. This familiarizes the individuals with the parks and forests close to them and can increase the chance of them utilizing these spaces on their own time. Outside Perspectives works with each group's leaders to target specific skills and learning goals the group has been focused on. To build skills and abilities the course will use facilitated initiatives and activities that gradually grow in challenge throughout the day to help groups realize their full potential. A team building course will help a group become more bonded and adapt to each other's needs by requiring individuals to work together to complete a common goal.

Outside Perspectives can work with many different age groups and ability levels and can customize courses to meet many different individual needs. Outside Perspectives will strive to create opportunities for participants to gain a better understanding of the group by practicing empathy through supporting each other. The activities will teach effective communication skills and allow each participant to find their inner leader. Our unique and innovative process will teach skills that can be applied to life at school, home or work. A team building one-day course is a great way to bring your group to the next level. Please contact Outside Perspectives to find out how to combine multiple one-day courses or add wilderness expeditions to expand the potential growth of your group.