Breakfast: Granola with dried fruit

Lunch: Peanut butter & jelly on tortillas

Dinner: Macaroni & cheese

Snacks: Trail Mix, chewy bars

This is a possible example.

Breakfast: Granola

Lunch: BBQ!

Dinner: At home.

Snacks: Granola bars



Day 4

Day 1

Breakfast: Bagels & cream cheese

Lunch: Tuna on pita bread

Dinner: Burritos (rice, beans, salsa, cheese)

Snacks: Pretzels, trail mix

Breakfast: Oatmeal with brown sugar

Lunch: Hummus, pepperoni, crackers & cheese

Dinner: Pesto pasta with sausage

Snacks: Fruit

We will spend the day on the Delaware River taking in the beautiful scenery and practicing our canoe skills. Continuing to use maps and compasses, we will find our next campsite along the river. 

Breakfast: On the road

Lunch: Turkey sandwiches & chips

Dinner: Pasta and red sauce with veggies

Snacks: Granola bars / fruit

Starting early we will transport to the Mohegan Outdoor Center where students will meet up with their instructors, get the gear, pack up, experience team building activities and learn how to set up camp.

Day 3

Day 2

We will canoe a short distance to the take out and hike a short distance back to The Mohican Outdoor Center. There we will de-issue gear, debrief our experience and celebrate with a BBQ lunch before going home. 

Day 5

We will hike in the morning to the Delaware River or pond, where we will we will learn the basics of how to canoe and navigate the river in the afternoon. We will set up camp next to the river to stay the night. 

We will learn to pack up our camp and drive out of the Mohegan Outdoor Center to get to the trail head. We will backpack all day, learning to navigate with map and compass until we arrive at our camping area.

This itinerary is an example and length can be changed.