Sample Itinerary

A Day Focused on Team Building

(other goals & focuses available)

9:45 am

Meet at a local park or green space. Receive equipment necessary for the day, including water bottles, bug spray/sunscreen and rain jackets when necessary.

10:00 am

Welcome circle and introductions, goals and expectations for the day. Engaging and fun ice breakers, name games, and an active game progression to warm up.

10:45 am - SNACK BREAK

11:00 am

Group initiatives inspiring and utilizing creative thinking, communication, leadership skills, empathy, collaboration.

12:00 pm

Scavenger Hunt hike requiring participants to work together to use a map and compass to solve a riddle to arrive at a lunch location.

12:30 pm - LUNCH

1:15 pm

Re-energizer game followed by more initiatives building upon the morning session -- Graduated challenges within a trust-building sequence fun and challenging and highlighting themes such as support and inclusion.

3:15 pm - BREAK

3:30 pm

Culminating activity that draws on the skills of the day -- participants will work together to solve a challenging problem.

4:00 pm

Closing circle -- process and discuss the day supporting the learning transference of individuals and the group as as whole.