Rock Climbing

Rock-climbing is an incredibly effective and powerful tool for fostering focus, trust, camaraderie, leadership, and improved self-esteem in youth. As a perceived high-risk activity and with the experience of exposure and vulnerability, many youth develop trust in themselves through the activity and begin to dissolve their own perceived limitations. Rock climbing provides a focused and healthy outlet for the developmental need to participate in risk-taking behaviors.

With a "challenge by choice" structure, groups are invited to experience the outdoors in a new and vertical way, expanding their connections, comfort zones and trust in one another. Expert facilitators, experienced with individuals new to rock climbing, meet youth where they are in their own development giving opportunities to practice a host of valuable skills including knot tying, belaying, balance, awareness, determination, and managing fear. Some youth even find that climbing gives them skills and tools that support them with challenges in their everyday lives.

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