Expedition Preview!



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March 10th 10:00 am

Expedition Preview!

Gus Canty Community Center 

790 Main Street, Falmouth, MA


What is this Event all About?

This will be a fun and interactive experience for you (and your families if they'd like to come!) to learn if a summer 2018 Wilderness Expedition experience is right for you. We are looking for students (all genders included) ages 13-18 to participate.

 Are you feeling a bit stuck? Unsure of who you are or what you want in life? Are you hungry for something different this summer? Something new, exciting and deeply impactful?

Join Outside Perspectives' instructors on

March 10th -- guaranteed fun & laughter or your money back -- oh wait, it's already free!  Ask questions and get information about who Outside Perspectives is, and what, how and why we do it. Attending this gathering does not require you to sign up for the expedition. This is a stand alone event with no additional obligation!  

Bring parents, friends and siblings.

The more the merrier. Everyone is welcome! 

We will have our backpacking equipment set up so you can check out the tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, cook stoves and more.  

Come on! Whattya got to lose?! You can always sleep in next weekend, but you can't come back and hang with us. This is a one time event! Don't miss it! March 10th. Check out the video to the left if you haven't seen it yet. See what an expedition might do for you!

Bring shoes and clothing appropriate to be outdoors. We will spend time under the sun should the weather permit! 

Also, bring water and a snack for yourself.

All ages welcome! ​​No commitment needed to attend the fun!