Participants have a voice in determining their own future, with safe opportunities to earn trust and problem-solve, participants learn how to take initiative, as well as, about how to use solid judgement to guide decision-making. Efforts are designed to build respect and teach inner discipline.



Our participants are caregivers to each other and in their communities. We provide participants opportunities to give selflessly and to feel the positive effects of helping others. 


Whether participants take part in sports, are part of the workforce, or need to work with classmates on school projects, there will be many times they will need to work as a team to achieve success. Participants will gain a solid understanding of what it means to be a member of a team and how to work effectively together. T.E.A.M. - Together Everyone Achieves More.

Foundational Philosophical Resources  

Outside Perspectives works to create supported graduated challenges allowing our participants to encounter the critical developmental experiences of belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity. The foundational resource for these philosophies are within the book "Reclaiming Youth at Risk"  (Brendtro, Brokenleg, & Steve, 1990).  The model integrates Native American philosophies of child-rearing, the heritage of early pioneers in education and youth work, and contemporary resilience research. The Circle of Courage is based in four universal growth needs of all children: belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity


Participants work to master skills through one-on-one instruction and an experiential learning environment. They will not endure inflexible systems designed for one type of learner.


Our participants will be challenged to rely on their peers in ways they have never had to before. This starts the process of building trust between each other which is an essential element to building relationships and working as a team.



Participants will learn the tools of effective communication giving everyone a voice in the group. This allows for safe and effective discourses to solve problems that may arise in the group. It also teaches participants there is more to being a leader then telling people what to do.




Participants build a community and support network with their crew members. Here inclusion is not only a priority, it is necessity. Shared experiences often bring about greater understanding of others and create spaces where solid friendships grow. These support networks often last for years and nurture participants long after the course or expedition is over. 


Guiding principles

Diversity / Inclusion 

Outside Perspectives recognizes a lack of diversity in the outdoor field and wilderness communities. We desire to address the need to connect minorities and underserved youth with the outdoors by prioritizing diversity and inclusion in our communities served. 


Outside Perspectives recognizes that some of the populations it chooses to work with might face significant financial challenges in taking part in programs. We believe that building a connection with nature is a human right and will strive to not turn down a student due to financial restraints.


Outside Perspectives recognizes the importance of strong and long lasting relationships in the lives of youth, especially for those who have experienced instability.  We recognize that lasting change will not be made in just one journey; we will seek to continue relationships with our participants beyond their first course.


Outside Perspectives recognizes the importance of active and connected communities.  By creating an open and safe environment, we hope participants will gain a healthy sense of belonging and personal responsibility.  As an organization we will strive to become a strong community by being interconnected with each other and extending ourselves to the local area and beyond.


Outside Perspectives recognizes the negative impact humans can have on the natural environment and the importance the natural environment has on our organization as well as the world. Because we realize the need for responsible stewardship, we seek to teach, promote and use leave-no-trace ethics, and environmentally sustainable practices in our day-to-day routines. 


Outside Perspectives recognizes that quality work with participants is essential to the success of our organization. Because the quality of our work is reflected in the lives of those we work with, we ask our staff to commit and uphold Outside Perspective's vision, mission and guiding principles, and bring their best selves to work everyday. 


  1. Run outdoor programs for youth through partnerships with youth development agencies, organizations and educational facilities.

  2. Work with youth to identify achievable avenues towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

  3. Create ongoing relationships with students beyond their first experience with Outside Perspectives.

  4. Help youth plan for a healthy, successful future, with tools to combat violence, health issues, homelessness, substance abuse and incarceration.

  5. Create means to achieve positive outcomes as youth transition to adulthood.


Outside Perspectives cultivates lasting personal growth and positive community engagement by offering a spectrum of transformative outdoor experiences.


Outside Perspectives envisions a world where all young people are engaged in healthy communities that encourage their full potential.


vision/mission, guiding principles and desired impacts